Puyallup RV Shows

Rules and Regulations


Sign and return white copy with payment within ten days or secure space/payment online. Unpaid spaces will be resold.


Only approved multi-plug extension cords with breaker will be allowed in the Booth areas. RV & Manufactured Home connections will be supplied. Manufactured homes must have a 50 amp plug.

Display vehicles shall have less than 5 gallons of fuel, fuel fills taped or locked, positive lead of the start battery removed and taped. Ten percent valves on LP bottles must be opened. Washington State Law prohibits smoking in public places. No vaping in buildings.


Show materials delivered by UPS, motorfreight or other common carrier can be shipped to the show in advance. Shipping Address:

Washington State Fair & Events Center
110 9th Ave SW
Puyallup, WA 98371


MHRV Show Association requires all exhibitors register the details of any contest or give-away with the Show Office prior to show opening. The winners of each contest must be reported to the Show Office.


Exhibitors are allowed to distribute literature only in their own exhibit area. Persons not exhibiting are forbidden to distribute literature in the show. All are encouraged to use good taste in the use of signs. Comparison price signs are frowned upon, and in all cases, management reserves the right to remove all objectionable advertising materials. Management reserves the right to control all amplified sound in the show. Please keep your volumes low and respect your neighbor.


Remember to be properly licensed for the show by displaying a valid Dealer Sub-Agency license and being registered with local tax authorities. A certificate of insurance is required from all exhibitors and a copy was supplied with your contract. Food handlers must have necessary permits and permission of the Puyallup Fair Association. These rules and recommendations are to protect, not only the public, but the individual exhibitor and the industry which we represent. Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.


The MHRV Show Association carries show cancellation insurance which protects the association and its exhibitors. In the event the show is canceled or curtailed due to weather, fire, earthquake or other events beyond the control of MHRV, exhibitors are likely to receive a portion of their space rent reimbursed. However, the insurance does not cover lost sales to our exhibitors due to lessened show attendance. If you wish to purchase show cancellation insurance that protects your business against lost sales, please contact your insurance carrier for desired coverage. If your insurance provider is unable to provide show cancellation insurance that protects you against lost sales, MHRV recommends Shoff Darby Insurance Agency https://www.shoffdarby.com/   800-540-9361


The show office is located on the first floor of the Fair View Building in the first aid station. It will be open starting Tuesday prior to the show and during show hours.


Exhibitors are forbidden from playing music in any form unless they possess the required license of copyrighted music. Exhibitors agree to defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless the MHRV Show Association from any claims, disputes or legal expenses resulting from performance of copyrighted music either recorded or performed live.


Thursday - Friday, 11 am to 8 pm
Saturday - 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday - 10 am to 5 pm

Note: Courtesy demands that all exhibitors be ready before opening time and remain open until closing time and that all dealer and vendor displays be staffed by exhibitor personnel at all times during show hours.


Set up days: Tuesday & Wednesday prior to show, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (Orange Gate)
Show days: Gate will be staffed 45 minutes before show opening. (Blue Gate only)


Check the appropriate show website for current ticket prices: https://puyalluprvshow.com/tickets.
Sponsor "be back" tickets are available to all exhibitors for $1.00 each at the show office.


Parking is free in the blue and gold parking lots located on the east side of Meridian Ave. Overnight RV parking is allowed in the orange parking lot (full hook ups) off 5th street on the West side of the Fairgrounds. Overnight stays can be purchased in the Fair administration office. Cost is $35.00 / night if you are pre-registered or $40.00 / night if you show up without pre-registering. Call (253) 845-1771 to book a space.

Animals kept by RV users must be kept on a leash or in a pen near the applicable RV.


Exhibitor passes are available in the show office. Passes are required to enter the fairgrounds during the show, but not during set up. MHRV reserves the right to limit the number of passes to each exhibitor.


Telephone service can be obtained by calling the Fairgrounds at (253) 845-1771

One skirted table with two chairs can be rented through MHRV for an additional $60.00


Show Office (253) 841- 5299

Bill O'Loughlin, Show Director (503) 246-8291 or (503) 308-3583 cellular


Any incident involving the public must be reported to the show office. If the injury is life threatening call 911 immediately.

MHRV requests that all elevated surfaces (steps, decks, etc.) that are exposed to the elements be treated with a non-skid material.


With the exception of animal events and service animals, animals will not be allowed on the grounds.


Aisles through RV displays are required to be 6ft wide. Steps are allowed to encroach into aisles 2ft. Under no circumstances will aisles be allowed to be restricted to less than 4ft in width by steps. The biggest problem in past shows has been from opposing steps on both sides of the aisle. The Puyallup Fire Department has final say over all aisle widths.


MHRV Show Association, Inc. is a Washington State Corporation.

Federal Tax ID #91-0821143


The ADA considers sales offices are a place of public accommodation. MHRV requires exhibitors to make available an area where buyers with disabilities may obtain information (brochures, photos, etc.) and transact the purchase of a unit.

MHRV encourages exhibitors to voluntarily provide at least a minimal level of access to model homes and RVs to potential buyers with disabilities. For example, a exhibitor could provide physical access (via ramp or lift) to the primary level of one or several display models and make photographs of less accessible areas of the unit as well of other models available to the customer.

Auxiliary aids are available through the facility management. Customer inquiries for auxiliary aids should be directed to the show office.

Alternative formats for MHRV sponsored seminars are available. Show attendees wishing seminars in alternative format are asked to contact the show office one hour prior to the seminar.


  • Move-in Wednesday, starting at 9:00 am. (NO Thursday set-up allowed)
  • Red and White fabric Booth. (8ft back 3ft sides).
  • Only approved Multi-plug extension cords with breakers allowed in Booths.
  • Booths must be vacated by noon Monday following the show.
  • Tables and chairs available through MHRV for an additional fee, call 503-246-8291 (NO orders accepted within 24 hours of show)


  • There are to be no dogs on the fairgrounds during home set up.
  • Move-in Wednesday the week prior to the show at Noon. Exact move in schedule to follow closer to show dates.
  • Gate schedule to be provided.
  • Clean up around exterior of the homes prior to 4:00pm Thursday. There are other functions going on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Please limit any work on the weekend to the interior of homes only and keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • 50 amp outlet supplied by the Fairgrounds. Home must have 50 amp cord and plug installed by exhibitor.
  • Manufactured Homes must be removed by 3:00pm Tuesday following the show.

(The fair will charge $500/day/ section for any home left after this time)


  • Move-in Tuesday prior to the show, starting at 9:00 am.
  • No exhibiting of rental or lease-back RVs.
  • Pre-staging Sunday and Monday prior to the show in the Purple Lot.
  • Power supplied by the Fairgrounds.
  • RVs must be removed from buildings by noon Monday following the show.
  • Service gate hours during move-in will be 8:00am to 9:00pm. (you may exit after 9pm but not re-enter)
  • Service gate hours for take down (until 9:00pm Sun after the show, 8:00am - 4:30pm Mon, RVs left after 3:00 pm Monday on the fairgrounds are subject to a $60/day storage charge.


The MHRV Show Association has adopted the procedures set forth in the Western Washington Fair Association's Facility Rental Emergency Manual. Please click here to read them as it is required as part of your contractual agreement to exhibit at the show.


A company in Austria has been circulating an order form to exhibitors in our MHRV Show. We want you to know that there is no connection between the MHRV Show Association and this "FAIR Guide". Many people assume that signing the form is simply a confirmation of accuracy of the information. However, a careful reading will disclose that signing and returning this form will obligate you for $981.00 per year for a minimum of three years and thereafter until terminated by three months advance notice. Any decision to participate in the FAIR Guide is yours, but the MHRV Show Association wants you to know that there is no connection between Fair Guide and our Show Association and MHRV does not endorse this company or its product.


Northwest Motor Inn
1409 S. Meridian St.
Puyallup, WA 98371 (Walking distance from show)
1-800-845-9490 or 253-841-2600

Motel Puyallup
1412 S. Meridian St.
Puyallup, WA 98351
(Walking distance from show)


Overnight RV parking is allowed in the orange parking lot (full hook ups) off 5th street on the West side of the Fairgrounds. Overnight stays can be purchased in the Fair administration office. Cost is $35.00 / night if you are pre-registered or $40.00 / night if you show up without pre-registering. Call (253) 845-1771 to book a space. Animals kept by RV users must be kept on a leash or in a pen near the applicable RV.


Advertising and use of the MHRV Show logo by participating exhibitors is encouraged. For terms and conditions of logo use, please contact the Show Director.

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